The Semi-Annual Mr Porter sale

One of my favorite times of the season – they moved the fall start date back from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  I love most everything about the site from the content to the brands.  I confess that I rarely read the content but do like the context it provides.  And the site has introduced me to some smaller fashion brands which I often like more than the bigger well-known ones.

The Mr Porter seasonal sale

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 1.01.48 PM

This season I picked up shirts from Folk and NN.07 (two of the smaller fashion brands they have introduced me to) and a pair of very cool (if a bit specific) pair of Jack Purcell striped sneakers.  I really like the raw edge Lanvin peacoat but even at 50% off. . .



Jack Purcell


Welcome to A Civilized Man

I decided to start this blog for two reasons: first (given the explosion of information available on the internet) I was looking for a place that had a simple approach and not finding it.  I was looking for highly edited information – a focus on lifestyle products and experiences that spoke to me.  Second, while there are many lifestyle blogs that cater to – well, let’s just say a slightly younger version of me – I wasn’t finding one that I though addressed me.

This is a new venture for me so I appreciate your patience as I learn by doing!