Top “Best of” Lists of 2015

This is the time of year when every organization and person creating some sort of content comes out with their “Best of 2015” lists. Rather than come out with my own lists I have culled a few interesting ones for you to enjoy.

First up – a compilation of GoPro videos from the team at GoPro. Some truly awe-inspiring and amazing footage. I think I need to get out more.

And for an overview of the best in pop culture from the past year: Wired’s top pop culture in 2015 .

Best Pictures 2015

Some great images but even The Atlantic couldn’t avoid a cat pic (see number 8): 2015 in pictures from The Atlantic. And if the 40 from The Atlantic isn’t enough for you feel free to wade through the top 100 photos of 2015 from Time magazine.

Best Movies 2015

A few best movie lists : NY Times best movies of 2015Rolling Stones Magazine’s top 10 movies from best movies of 2015

With a few days off this week I am catching up on movies and have seen Spotlight, The Big Short and Carol. The first two are great (but be prepared to be angry after seeing The Big Short). Carol is beautifully shot and acted but I didn’t feel the connection between the two lead characters that apparently everyone else on the planet did.

Best TV 2015

Best TV: best TV shows of 2015TV Guide best TV shows of 2015. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of binge-watching the Netflix series Jessica Jones – do yourselves a favor and take some time this weekend. The episode “Twelve Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer” is also a hilarious classic.

Best of Broadway 2015

Best of broadway 2015: New York Theater blog best of 2015. And conveniently all in one place – top reviewers give their top 10: Top 10 of the top 10 – best in NY Theater 2015. My picks: Hamilton, Fun Home, An American in Paris, King Charles III, A View from the Bridge, Skylight, Something Rotten and Constellations. Hir showed up on a number of lists – I thought the play was a little strange but I love just about anything with Christine Nielson.

Best in Food 2015

Eater NY best new restaurants in 2015. I am embarrassed to say I have been to only a few of these. I am most looking forward to Bruno, Santina, Lupolo and Upland (see link to best new burgers below. . . )

Best new burgers in 2015 (limited to New York City unfortunately): Eater NY best new burgers in 2015. Sad to say I have had none of these – the Upland burger is the one I am most interested in trying!

The Lighter Side of 2015

For a little comic relief – the video below is a few funny clips early on.

And last but not least – a bit of eye candy (and yes I think Racked knows that no one really cares about the resolutions . . . ): Racked NY hottest trainers and their resolutions for 2016


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